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About Sandi Clayton Burgess 
For the past 40+ years, Sandi Clayton Burgess has sung, performed, lectured, directed and coached singing throughout Europe and the United States,  and has taught thousands of students how to achieve perfection in singing and performing. 
Whether it's opera, oratorio, musical theater, or pop-style singing that is desired, Sandi's "Core Classical" teaching techniques, anchor in perfect tone, ultimate support and amazing vocal flexibility, which guarantees her students unmatched vocal happiness and success.  The results have been remarkable for both the singer, and the listening audience.
A former student of the legendary operatic singer and vocal coach, Blanche Christensen, author of "The Singing Triangle" (used in colleges worldwide) Ms. Burgess has utilized the breakthrough singing triangle - classical Italian Bel Canto training taught by Ms. Christensen, as a foundation for her successful "Core Classical" techniques, along with adapting various aspects of the highly-touted speech-level singing philosophies.  The combination of these techniques, referred to as Ms. Burgess'  "Core Classical" technique,  is what sets her a part as an effective voice teacher for every type of singer.  And her students are achieving incredible vocal results and success very quickly. 
"There must be slight modification to old operatic teaching concepts, and definite guidance with the new teaching philosophies, otherwise vocal perfection is not achieved," says Sandi.  "It's important to understand both techniques, otherwise beautiful vocals are not achieved, and singers are not happy with the results."
(Click on above picture to hear a clip from Evita, 
"Don't Cry for Me Argentina" sung by Sandi Burgess)
Ms. Burgess continues, "singing should never be labored, strained, dark or difficult.  A student should never be forced to sing opera if their hearts desire is to sing pop or musical theater.  I teach students how to sing with ease, how to breathe correctly without tensing up, how to modify vowels in their higher registers, how to mix their voice with evenness through register changes, belt without yelling and doing damage to their vocal cords, and how to perform in all situations and styling.  I also stress the importance of phrasing and artistry.  My goal is to maximize the talents my students have been blessed with, and see them happy with the results, not frustrated and fatigued.  It's all about beautiful singing and the joy that brings."
Sandi's students can be seen performing all-over the world, both in the operatic and oratorio settings, as well as on the Broadway stages.  Sandi's students vary in age and experience, as well as personal vocal goals.  "If there is talent and a true desire to sing, I can teach most anyone to sing with ease."
Ms. Burgess brings to her teaching an impressive background in  both performance and education.  Besides being a well-established operatic and oratorio singer, Sandi is an accomplished cellist, pianist, organist, conductor, guest lecturer, and author, and has performed as soloist with the renowned Utah Symphony Orchestra under the baton of conductor Maurice Abravannel, the University of Utah and Brigham Young University opera departments, Opera West, Utah Oratorio Society, Utah Opera Education Series, "For the Love of Opera" Traveling Troupe, Utah County Music Awareness Program, Songfest Series, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Youth Performance Series, Los Angeles Temple Seasonal Broadcasts, Salt Lake City "Salute to Youth" concert, guests soloist with the Ralph Woodward Choral, and numerous concerts & productions produced for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to include the nationally televised, "Salute to Gershwin" concert broadcast live from the historic Salt Lake City, Utah LDS  Tabernacle, where she sang the role of Bess from Porgy and Bess, to name just a few.  Ms. Burgess was also the director of music for the nationally televised March of Dimes events featuring various Sesame Street characters and performers to include Bob Magrath.
Ms. Burgess' operatic singing career has been extensive, both in the United States, as well as throughout Europe with both the University of Utah and Brigham Young University.  Her formal training encompasses both Music Education and Vocal Performance. Her love for great music, no matter which genre, shows in her passionate way she teaches. 
Still performing today when called upon, Sandi's focus however, the past thirty plus years, has been with her vocal studio, and the success of her students. 
 "Making dreams come true is what brings me the most joy.  Singing with ease, choosing the right genre and music, and feeling confident about self is what is important for my students", states Sandi. "There is no greater joy than to see success with your students, seeing their dreams come true."  Sandi is married to Ken Burgess,  and is a mother of six children and 16 grandchildren. 
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"Don Quixote", performed by
student, Angela Villa.)
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Elizabeth singing a clip from Wicked -
"Defying Gravity".)
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the New Musical, Kristina at Carnegie Hall)
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"Astonishing" from Little Women.)
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